Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Online

According to Google in its recent search report “How to make Money Online” is among the top 50 most searched terms on the internet. Millions of people are trying their hand at making money online but very few succeed. The major reason for that is lack of proper knowledge about proper money making opportunities. But as our valued reader you don’t need to worry. In this post we will provide you legitimate ways to make money online.

Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Online

1) Earn through Affiliate Marketing

This is a method which can fetch you quick results if done with proper and correct approach. This has already made thousands of people millionaires. In this you have to sell other peoples products/services online and you will get commission in return. A quick search on Google can fetch you some good affiliate programs in your country.


2) Earn by Writing Articles

This job does not require any special skills apart from good control over English language and basic internet knowledge. You can write articles on various topics and sell them to bloggers/website owners or sell your content to content publishing sites.

3) Earn by Blogging

This methods requires a lot of patience, dedication and hard work. You can start your own blog on any niche and post articles regularly and then you can monetize your blog by publishing ads. This job can yield you good and consistent income.

4) Make Money with eBay

EBay is a online shopping site with allows you to sell your own products. You can list your new or used products on eBay and sell them for a profit.

5) Make Money with Youtube

If you are good at making good videos you can try this method. You can motise your videos on youtube with Adsense and you receive a revenue share from the clicks and visits to your videos.

6) Earn with URL Shortners

You can Earn Money Online by Sharing Links through URL Shortners. URL Shortners shorten your link and the shortened link redirects to the original link only after the visitors waits for some limited time mostly 5-10 seconds before skipping the ad provided by it.  The more people view your shortened link the more you earn. You can share your shortened links on social networking sites too.
If you have any Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Online apart from those mentioned above do share it through the comment box below.


  1. Chanik says

    These are awesome! You can also earn money with clickbank and videos. Just set up a series of videos on your niche (all related of course) and send people to your clickbank product. The best thing to do is find niches that are solution based. For example, how to get rid of acne in one day. Many people are looking for this term, if you get a clickbank product that is related you can make videos and post them to youtube, dailymotion, metacafe etc. It is all up to you and what type of effort you put in.

  2. Ankit Kumar says

    Writing and contributing articles is my way to earn money online! I have written for sites like sportskeeda. Thanx for sharing other ways to make money!

  3. Fred says

    very good article. I kinda knew most of these ways to make but I had never heard of “Earn with URL Shortners” …I will have to look into this idea. Thanks

  4. Bryan says

    Hey, great information… I’m studding in the area of blogging right now. It looks like affiliate marketing and blogging go hand in hand.

  5. says

    A good article. But after spending more than 4 years online I can at least tell that all these methods only work if one puts in hard work and right attitude. It will not happen overnight. Persistence is the key.

    Thanks for the good article once again.

  6. says

    Affiliate marketing and content writing are great ways to make money online. Stay away from survey sites though, they aren’t worth the time and effort.

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