35+ Fiverr.com Alternatives

Fiverr.com is the best freelancing and marketplace to make money online.  If you are a Fiverr user and want to try some alternatives and post the same gig in an alternative website, then see the list below, of Fiverr alternatives.  By using the below sites, you can maximize your ability to make money, by posting your gigs to multiple sites.


Fiverr.com Alternatives

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9.Jobs for 10












21. 10spott















36. myraket.com

37.  MicroDojo

38. VFiverr

If you know any other websites similar to Fiverr, please add the site in the below comments.



  1. paul says

    Good list , although I would of liked to see fiveruk and gigpayrr ranked a lot higher as I think these are great sites and I have always had great feedback from them.

  2. says

    Hi and thanks for such a detailed research to provide the best alternatives for microworkers, another Fiverr Alternative is VFiverr.com where buyer & seller can hire or get hired from $5-$50.
    With Best Regards

  3. 50r says

    well this is a good list but i must also use this opportunity to announce one that has multiple payment gateways that also enable African to stay in charge of there funds unlike paypal alone. this one is call 50r 50r.co.za.

    it offers multiple charges and also multiple payment gateway. remember paypal is not supported in most African countries that’s why having more than paypal alone 50r thinks Africans where paypal is not supported will also enjoy this quick mini jobs site 50r.

  4. George Simon says

    SEOclerks.com is really amazing, I’m a member of this community for more than a year now and I have no complains, bought more than $200 worth Gigs, all were so good. Support is active and fast.

  5. Mercadillo5 says

    I think that Mercadillo5.com should be in this list..!
    Through this site, people are making much more money than in other fiverr alternative site. Why? So, because of its potent affiliate program! It is really amazing to make money through you gigs and passively through your affiliates.

  6. 5 dollar gigs says

    I think you are right, and there are many sites like fiverr now but recently i have used 5dollargig.com and it has given me good result.

  7. Freelancer says

    I think that Mercadillo5.com should be in this list..!
    Through this site, people are making much more money than in other fiverr alternative site. Why? So, because of its potent affiliate program! It is really amazing to make money through your gigs and passively through your affiliates.

    • Alexander says

      You are right Freelancer! the affiliate program of Mercadillo5 is great. Here is the list of tools available into the dashboard of each single user (except the banned users) that help to deal with affiliate marketing the easy way:
      * Affiliate Link
      * Socialize Your Affiliate Link
      * Blog Posts (with Spintax article and article spiner included)
      * Email Promotions
      * Article Spinner (with Spintax article software)
      * Banners
      * Viral Image Ads
      * Signature Ads
      * Animated Slider Widget
      * Hover Accordion Widget

      It is really AWESOME!
      Thank you Mercadillo5 Team.

  8. says

    Hi I am the new owner of notjustafive.com and I am adding a new gig/job everyday at the moment to promote notjustafive.com there is no commission charged when you like on facebook or follow us on twitter am adding blogs on a regular basis so if you want to add a gig/job please check us out thanks Mark

  9. Vladi says

    I know of another one – http://gigs.adstopshop.com – its a brand new Gigs website and to post a featured ad is only $5, the site is part of http://www.adstopshop.com which is a free classified ads website(until the end of the year as they mention on their front page). I recommend the site because I listed both gigs and classy ads and have already made some sales. I hope that helps.

  10. hitmeasap says

    Thanks for such a great list. You’ve placed SEOClerks on top of it and that’s the way it should be. SEOClerks is way better than any other marketplace. Including Fiverr!

  11. Robert says

    AddGigs.com – Becoming world’s Largest Marketplace for Buying Selling Online Services. Everyone has a talent inside and this website has for talented people like you. Share you talent with others and start earning.

  12. EuroFiverr says


    EuroFiverr.com are a new micro-job site aimed initially at the European market, and trading in Euros.
    Buy & sell services from €5 – €50 depending on level.
    Best of all, extras up to €25 available at all levels!
    Check us out – http://www.eurofiverr.com

  13. Callum says

    TennR – http://www.tennr.co.uk – looks different from all the other clones out there. Not sure if its up and running yet, only demo gigs on it, but it certainly looks the part! Could be interesting to see where this one goes.

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